Callum Swift Article – Dirt Magazine Issue 95

January 13th, 2010

After the recent release of film maker Callum Swifts second movie in as many years, “MADE” Baltic decided to call down and lend his services for a few photos that Victor Lucas was taking.

Break The Cycle Film Premier

October 16th, 2009

Irelands first big time Downhill movie flick is due to be released very soon and to celebrate, the premier is being held at the start of next month.

The film contains a section featuring the Just Reid Race Team filmed over the course of this year and was filmed in super high definition so should be a treat for all in attendance. Tickets available from and the premier is on the 6th of Novermber.

“The world premier of Irish downhill mountain bike film ‘Break the Cycle’ is to be held at Movie House Cinema, Dublin Road, Belfast, on the 6th November 2009 at 7.30pm. The red carpet will be out, and Irelands best downhill mountain bikers in attendance.”

Schladming WC RD8 – Video

October 6th, 2009

Ben qualified 8th, then crashed in his race run. Watch out 2010!

Some post season Moto training with Ben Reid

October 5th, 2009

Irish NPS RD7 – Rostrevor

October 1st, 2009

A last minute decision was made over a cup of tea to make the journey home and race the final race of the year on home soil at the Irish national point series round near the hometown of Irishman Glyn O’Brien.

We caught an early boat on thursday morning back from england after riding some BMX and visiting family and friends, then emptied the van friday morning, only to repack everything on friday evening and hit the road down to Kilbroney forest in Rostrevor. This would be the first Irish national that the Just Reid team had made it to due to a busy World Cup schedule so we were excited to see everyone and soak up the relaxed irish vibe and craic that goes with these races.

We arrived late on friday night and hit the hay to try and salvage some sleep after a lot of trucking through europe and england had taken its toll on the two of us. Up early on saturday morning and set up the pits before heading up the track to do a rolling run and scope out some lines early on. Being back in Ireland and having learnt a lot by riding in europe, I (Ali) decided to give it a shot and entered the senior category while Baltic entered the elites. The track looked fun and had some high speed sections through the dry and dusty forest so it looked good for the weekend.

In between runs we tried to keep the crowds happy by selling some old bike parts that had been lying around the garage for a few years so this meant that the 2 of us got around 3 practice runs in by the end of the day and not nearly enough tea breaks to suffice! We had helped out a little guy by the name of Jake “Jako” Dickson by hooking him up with a little Ironhorse ‘6 point’ so he could try his hand at downhill racing. Jake is a ripper at our local skatepark and is only 10 years old (I think). After racing some motoX he decided it might be safer to follow in his fathers footsteps and take up DH, he looks like he could be the next big thing to come out of the Irish racing scene so keep an eye out in a few years time when he is old enough to start racing abroad.

Sunday was race day and with an early start, we managed another 2 practice runs before they closed the course. The 2 of us were still pretty tired and were walking round like a couple of zombies at times trying not to fall asleep and miss our runs. Baltic took the win over second place Ewan Doherty but wasnt happy with only winning by 2.5 seconds and wanted to get a bit ‘Sam Hill’ on it and put 10 seconds into the rest of the field but was hindered when he found his ‘start line huck’ was written off by the marshals taping the track too tight on race day.

I managed to put in a semi decent race run and took the senior win much to my surprise making sure the ‘Just Reid’ world domination dream was kept alive. We eventually got packed up and after escaping the torment of the local council estate gypsies who wanted to know exactly how much our bikes were worth and how much they could expect to get for them on Ebay, we headed home for some well earned rest and dirty ‘spice island’ kebab!

WC RD8 Schladming, Austria

September 28th, 2009

Schladming is a track that Ben can do and has done well on in the past, and with this years track being just a fun as previous years, he was super excited to get up there as soon as practice started. The bike was working perfectly for this track and he was feeling comfortable with his line choices very early on which allowed him to keep an eye on how they changed with the huge number of riders throughout the weeks practice.

Ben managed to put in the fasted time of the day in top 80  timed practice and when qualifying came around he knew he had the ability to seed well as long as he stayed safe and didnt crash which would have ruined his chances of making the top 80 cut. Seeding started in the afternoon so we checked his start time and began the warm up process with loads of time to spare…Or so we thought.

I told ben his run was at 2:59:30 but muct have misread the sheet as his proper start time was 2:49:30 unknown to us. So after getting ready and double checking every bolt on the bike, we sent him off to the gondola with what we thought was an easy 20 minutes before his run. On the way up above the track he felt that something was wrong, given the numbers that were passing beneath him were getting closer and closer to the 41 that he had for this race. As the gondola reached the top of the hill and was swinging into the gondola station, he saw number 39 leave the start hut! S**T!

He kicked the doors open, raced down to the start line and had to barge in front of rider 42, Nathan Rankin, who was in there ready to set off for his run. Ben had 20 seconds to get his goggles on and then away he went! After all the panic and raised heart rates sitting in the gonodla, Ben managed a clean fast run and qualified in 8th spot. for the race on sunday. Things were looking good at last.

Race day came about in what seemed like a blink of an eye and we made sure he left the pits with plenty of time to spare this time. Ben started off, knowing that the rider that would be following him down the hill was current world champion, Steve Peat. He got off to a good start and nailed the first top section, but just after the first road crossing, he attacked a loose right hand rut and as he popped out of it, the front wheel just pushed away from him sending him down a grassy bank and a few metres away from the track. He tried to pick himself up as quickly as possible and get going again but he knew it was over from there on.

He came across the line in 38th spot in the end and was bitterly disappointed knowing that he could have been easily inside the top 10 and quite possibly on a podium spot had things been different. at least this shows what is possible for next year here and luckily all of the tracks should be a similar style to Schladming so that is something to look forward to over the off season.

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“MADE” Video shoot in Whistler BC

September 3rd, 2009

After his first film “The Uprising” released last year, the recently converted Irishman ‘Callum Swift’ has started work on his newest release “Made” with a host of top names along side Ben. Callum has really sharpened his game for this year and has big plans for the remainder of his filming. It should be an awesome film when it comes out so keep an eye out that yellow flash of the Just Reid jersey getting into an inverted flat spin in the trailer below.

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Just Reid at Canada World Cups

August 21st, 2009

John Lawlors edit after Just Reid Race Team return from rounds 6 and 7 of the UCI World Cup series

2009 Crankworx Garbanzo Downhill

August 10th, 2009

We got into Whistler village on sunday night after a hectic rush from Bromont. Then spent the next few days riding, partying and keeping up to date with Bens “face Book arranged meets” before the first race came about. The weather had been dry as a bone for the past few weeks here in Whistler but there was all of a sudden rumors of the rain coming just in time for the elite mens start. The rain pretty much held off for the whole day with only a few damp patches on the track which didnt cause too may hairy moments.

Baltic pushed a run out with the big number 50 plate strapped to his bars, and came across the line with a time of 14:34:73 placing him in 17th place overall. The fastest time of the day was recorded by Kiwi Justin Leov at 13:44:55.

The next race for Ben is the canadian open next sunday so there is plenty of time to practice if the weather holds up.

WC RD7 Bromont, Canada

August 3rd, 2009

Bromont is a small area about an hour outside Montreal, so it was a relatively short drive from MT ST Anne. We hit the road with fellow Gamut rider and Whistler local, Katie Holden ( and headed for Quebec city to grab a bite to eat. We ended up rolling into Bromont at around 6pm and started to get the bikes ready for the week ahead.

We did some riding on the water park side of Bromont on tuesday to get used to the dirt and then set up and walked the technical track on wednesday. The track was similar to last year with a few improvements in the slow sections by adding some hard pack to increase the rolling speed.

Practise started on thursday and the weather was a mixed bag throughout the week. Practise went well with Ben having a bit of a moment late on in the afternoon. He was testing out s new line in a steep rocky stairway section and slipped just before taking off on a rock. His front wheel jammed into a rock and he got ejected in spectacular fashion in to a front flip whilst the bike catapulted over his head and down the track. The front wheel was written off after that but luckily Ben got off pretty much scott free!

Qualifying came on friday and after the bike was repaired he set off and had a pretty poor run. He got pushed out wide on a tricky corner at the start and lost all of his speed just before an important section. He continued to the bottom and qualified in 57th spot, and miles away from where he knew he could have placed.

After walking the track one final time, it was time to race. The weather had been off and on all week but for saturdays race it look as though it was going to stay dry after all. Ben set off on his run and had a good top section. After being up at the first split, he struggled to keep speed in the lower flatter sections where the larger riders would do well, but he trucked on anyway and finished up 35th at the end of the day.

After the DH had all finished, most people headed back up the hill to watch some 4X action a few hours later. Baltic and myself stumbled across a couple of struggling photographers in hte form of Victor Lucas and Fraser Britton. Before we could say snap, we were both loaded up with their spare cameras and sub contracted into shooting some 4X for them from various spots. There was definately a bit of friendly rivalry between the big man and myself as Baltic thought he was some sort of photography wizard! perhaps we will see in next months dirt mag who took the better shots!

(Just Reid Photography services will be available at a race near you soon!)