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Some post season Moto training with Ben Reid

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Irish NPS RD7 – Rostrevor

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

A last minute decision was made over a cup of tea to make the journey home and race the final race of the year on home soil at the Irish national point series round near the hometown of Irishman Glyn O’Brien.

We caught an early boat on thursday morning back from england after riding some BMX and visiting family and friends, then emptied the van friday morning, only to repack everything on friday evening and hit the road down to Kilbroney forest in Rostrevor. This would be the first Irish national that the Just Reid team had made it to due to a busy World Cup schedule so we were excited to see everyone and soak up the relaxed irish vibe and craic that goes with these races.

We arrived late on friday night and hit the hay to try and salvage some sleep after a lot of trucking through europe and england had taken its toll on the two of us. Up early on saturday morning and set up the pits before heading up the track to do a rolling run and scope out some lines early on. Being back in Ireland and having learnt a lot by riding in europe, I (Ali) decided to give it a shot and entered the senior category while Baltic entered the elites. The track looked fun and had some high speed sections through the dry and dusty forest so it looked good for the weekend.

In between runs we tried to keep the crowds happy by selling some old bike parts that had been lying around the garage for a few years so this meant that the 2 of us got around 3 practice runs in by the end of the day and not nearly enough tea breaks to suffice! We had helped out a little guy by the name of Jake “Jako” Dickson by hooking him up with a little Ironhorse ‘6 point’ so he could try his hand at downhill racing. Jake is a ripper at our local skatepark and is only 10 years old (I think). After racing some motoX he decided it might be safer to follow in his fathers footsteps and take up DH, he looks like he could be the next big thing to come out of the Irish racing scene so keep an eye out in a few years time when he is old enough to start racing abroad.

Sunday was race day and with an early start, we managed another 2 practice runs before they closed the course. The 2 of us were still pretty tired and were walking round like a couple of zombies at times trying not to fall asleep and miss our runs. Baltic took the win over second place Ewan Doherty but wasnt happy with only winning by 2.5 seconds and wanted to get a bit ‘Sam Hill’ on it and put 10 seconds into the rest of the field but was hindered when he found his ‘start line huck’ was written off by the marshals taping the track too tight on race day.

I managed to put in a semi decent race run and took the senior win much to my surprise making sure the ‘Just Reid’ world domination dream was kept alive. We eventually got packed up and after escaping the torment of the local council estate gypsies who wanted to know exactly how much our bikes were worth and how much they could expect to get for them on Ebay, we headed home for some well earned rest and dirty ‘spice island’ kebab!

IXS European cup RD, Verbier, Switzerland

Monday, June 1st, 2009


We had a week between the Italian national race and an IXS European cup race so we decided to head back to Morzine to hang out and ride with some Kiwis and a fellow Irishman. After 1 weeks worth of riding and listening to stories of the Kiwis pranking each other everynight, we headed for the Swiss alps to a resort called Verbier.

The convoy was pushing 18 wheels in the form of the Thunder Truck, the silver bullet, Irish’s Aubergine clover machine, and the infamous white tranny with BB guns attached!

We arrived in Verbier to find that the organisers were nowhere to be found. There had been some accommodation for most of us organised but after exhausting all options, the boys set up camp in whatever they could find. One of the Kiwis (Sizzle) found an abandoned chair lift hut and after a hot cup of tetley, settled in there for the night.


Friday saw some practise runs in the afternoon followed by a trip down to the next town and the bottom gondola station which was to be our bed for the night. The race organiser and park manager ‘Trifon’ (Who looked a bit like actor Vin Diesel) was a great guy and made sure we were looked after so thanks to Trifon for all his help.


Saturdays practise got quickly turned on its head when the rain clouds rolled in, the track became a river and it wasn’t long before brake pads and bearings started to show their pain. They continued with seeding in the mist and rain, some riders struggling to make it out of the steep rock section facing the right way! Ben qualified in 5th place after snapping a gear cable near the top of the track. A quick shower and a meal in the food mood restaurant and we were ready for the sack.


Race day luckily saw the sun rise and thaw out the pit lane early on, a few practise runs to assess the track and we were ready to go. After a brief hour long delay to get some Swiss pilot air lifted of the track, Ben set off on his race run. All was going well and he appeared into the final few turns which we could see from the finish. The time looked good and it looked like Ben would take the hot seat by a good margin. There was a wooden take off onto an off camber landing and Baltic thought that a slick Bubba Scrub would get him back on the ground and pedalling even quicker. His scrub was spectacular as his tyre folded on the take off, there was a huge cheer from the crowd as he recovered it to land rubber side down, but a bit sideways. The tire blew off the rim with 2 corners left so he kept it wide open and hucked across the line to take the hot seat with a 3:09


Kiwi joker Matt Scoles then came down and knocked Ben off by half a second, followed by Duncan Riffle who took the win and knocked Ben into 3rd spot on the podium.

Were now on the road to Fortwilliam and looking forward to some warm weather that has apparently been forcast?

Braytons Blog!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

After Andorra, Adam decided to head home for a bit to get his wrist checked out and spend some time training and tying up loose ends before he assault on fortwilliam in a few weeks. Here is the low down, straight from the horses mouth!

After heading home from Andorra leaving the just reid set up for the burgtec boys, it was a smooth drive home with scotty six pac, dc, dave and dude. Me scotty and dc put in the 1st shift driving the van listening to some mega beats and making up a few raps about lizards it wore us out quite quick knocking in some cans of v power energy drink 97octane, it was too much for scotty and he was ready for the sack the other lads were on night shift and we got some rest. I woke up just before we got on the ferry i didnt know where we were but it wasnt calais. Onto the boat and we all smashed in a full english breakfast, ‘dude’ some how blagged a supersized one and gave me his black pudding, i was shocked to see scotty not clean his plate up! It was mega to be back in england and on the road up to dcs house where me and scotty decided we could fit everything into the mondog, after a quick cup of tea we started to put the kit in the mondog, some how we pulled it off, sammy harts bag was almost the straw that broke the camels back and i was ready for throwing it out the window!

Fianlly i got home at 5pm, it was straight to the doctors the next day and i got my wrist xrayed right up! Turns out my scaphoid is broken but i have to live up to my hard man reputation and ride this one out till the end of the season! Im on the small 20week waiting list which should work out about right. I was back on the bike next day and it was feeling okay. Yesterday i went to a local mx meeting it was battle of the Braytons me and my brother were racing in B class after not being on a bike since febuary i was a little nervous. In the 1st race my brother holeshoted with his big 3rd gear start i was busy doin a burnout on the concrete start after getting out the gate i found an opening in the 1st corner and came out 2nd behind my bro i sat behind him the whole race waiting for my chance it came on the 2nd to last corner when ben came in too hot and stalled, I screamed at him as i went past and the 1st race was mine.
In the 2nd race it was the same again ben holeshotted and i was in 2nd i was pressuring him most of the race and on the final lap I went to work hitting up some different lines coming into the last corner i went wide and left it wide open almost going off the track and hitting a fence post i beat my bro by a bike length, he was raging! The 3rd race was a bit harder i was sat in 3rd so i had to get past these boys early on so i went to town and got past them both but i was pushed till the end by Suzuki man who finally took himself out i think as he couldnt handle the pace haha. I had my fresh Thor Core Kit on and Thor boots, this was the key to my performance so a big thanks to Ben and the guys at Madison for supplying me with the kit.
Im now getting ready for round 2 of the nps down in llagollen this weekend with big marv so im looking forward to that one.

Same Latitudinal line world champs, RESULTS

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The grand finale, the big one, the mount Everest of races…Any of these could be used to describe the days events as the 2 lads woke on the morning after, the night before!

With all the hype and trash talk about who would be the victor on the track that has become like home to the 2 renegades, it seemed that they had forgotten the point of the training excercise and had only that top step of the podium on their minds.

Brayton was definately feeling “over confident” about his ability and this allowed Baltic to take a back seat and be the silent assassin on race day, letting his riding do the talking…Something Adam “Showtime” Brayton didnt really bother getting to grips with.

The 1st run of 3 was a close call with the previous days training clearly coming into effect as the lads were within 0.3 seconds of each other. Brayton had the lead after that which pushed Baltic to better him on the second run by almost a second.

It all came down to the final run, Brayton had talked himself up so much the night before that it really was ‘do or die’ for him. Baltic was confident he could scrub some more vital seconds off his time and secure the win and the coveted 85cent bottle of bubbly from the Lidl store down the road!

Adam set off with a cloud of dust, wanting to make the most of the light that was left of this sunday afternoon, then after avoiding the earlier runs, wildcard and local boy Lorenzo Slow-ding pitched up and was persuaded to take his race run. A small mechanical around 45 seconds in, would put the italian out of contention, so it all came down to the yound Irishman.

Adam “Slacker” Brayton would be sitting at the bottom with a time on his watch, unknown to Baltic at the top as he set off. After passing the stranded italian, he continued down to come across the line with a very respectable time that would secure him the win given the past results of the day so far.

However…… The little lad from the lakes had pulled a blinder and put in a run that even he was shocked with. The podium was set up and the bubbly cracked open. Team Cumbria walked away with its name in tact and a story to tell the sherrif when he gets home.

Race Run Times

Run 1 –        Ben = 3:25:86      Adam = 3:25:58

Run 2          Ben = 3:23:53      Adam = 3:24:36

Run 3          Ben = 3:22:59      Adam = 3:16:56

Pila, Head Cam

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The boys have been training hard this week doing timed runs in Pila. After knocking the times from an inital 4:04, the fastest recorded time so far is 3:16 by a certain Mr Brayton. Needles to say, Baltic Ben Reid was up there early the next day working on taking Adams ego down a peg or two. (Footage filmed with Vholdr camera)

Just Reid returns to Pila, Italy

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Pila is a popular ski resort in the Italian alps and stands at 1800m above the small city of Aosta. (Valle D’Aosta)

Ben and I spent some time here last season in between world cup races and with just over a week spare between our first race in scotland and the 2nd round of the world cup series in france, it was an obvious choice for a place to spend some time on the bikes. (more…)

Belfast Dirt Jam

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

After a winter spent digging and training, the team of riders,mechanics and friends got together last weekend for a day of riding at the local trail spot in Belfast.

There was a great turnout and the weather held up for the whole day. Despite a fairly strong side wind, we got on with it and the day ended up with Victor Lucas pushing the limits as we tried to squeeze more and more riders into a train which ended up in more than a few close calls when we made it to the 360 Berm at the bottom.

It was a great day of Bikes, Barbeques and Burlesque magazines (Thanks to Glyn OBrien), thanks to all involved, roll on the next jam!

Ben breaks collar bone in Portugal

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009



During some pre season testing in Portugal last week, Ben had a high speed crash when he caught his bottom bracket on a hidden rock. The bike stopped and ejected him over the bars and on to his shoulder causing a fracture to his collar bone. He came out of the crash, bounced onto his feet and had to run at the same speed at which he had crashed at to stop him hitting the dirt again!

After seeing the local medics and having an x-ray, he flew home the same day to get a thorough examination. The collar bone is broken as you can see in the x-ray but Ben has since been out riding and hopes to be back to fitness again within 2-3 weeks.

Reid & Crockard MX Training

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Ben joined Irish MX pinner Gordon Crockard for some training near Londonderry on the north coast of Ireland. Ben had spent a lot of the earlier winter months squeezing a 250F engine into his big wheel 85 chassis and couldnt wait to get it out for a good thrashing! Gordon had run out of excuses for not riding so the boys packed up and headed off with Honcho to film a section for his movie to be released this year.

We will get some photos up soon of Baltics “85F” and give you the low down on how it faired in the sand!