Whistler 2008 – Question time with Baltic

Ben has just arrived back from 2 weeks in whistler Canada after attending the Crankworx festival, rather than write a long boring story, I’m going to ask him a few questions instead and have a laugh at his vocabulary. 

1. So, your just back. Did you enjoy your time in sunny Whistler this year? Lets face it if you cant enjoy yourself there your life is pretty much over. What more could a guy ask for all in the one place, its got it all.

2. Describe the track conditions for those that think its all smooth as silk over there. There defiantly are some tracks like that but the range of riding there is mega, You can link up a pretty all round run right the way from the top, start the show off on some freight train jumps and then run off into some real nice tech stuff followed by some tight loose action and hit up pretty much whatever you fancy before you reach the bottom.

3. Who did you enjoy riding with the most when you were on the hill? Me an Nico did a run with Travis Pastrana and his mechanics, was pretty funny!!

4. What about staying with Nico Vink, did his performance at the slalom surprise you? I though he would do really well, but second place on that heap he rode was first class.

5. You finished 12th in the Garbanzo DH race, was that your favourite race of the week? Yea I was looking forward to trying a race on such a long course it was a lot of fun.

6. Any modifications to the bike for the race on A-Line? I was going to go to town on tuning the bike with harder springs etc, but then reminded myself that I was here for a mid season break, when it came to the race I just couldn’t help myself but to boost all the jumps instead.

7. You got to ride with some of your current sponsors whilst out there, any pinners among them or funny stories? I met Juan from Gamut out there, he is the most factory, unfactroy rider you will ever see, and can be a hard man to follow down such tracks as Slayer,”EX World Cup racer too” still goes like shite aff a shovel! Also got a little bit of riding in with Justin from Fox who can also ride a bike. And not to mention Gordy Roberts from Intouch Network Solutions he was out there putting his new Sunday and its bash guard to the test.

8. Did you have any nights out at all? Tell us about Kelly? Kelly I’ve got massive fake tits Kelly? As Nico found out when he straight up asked her at the locals night “Are those real?” “Nope!”, she replied. She worked at the Long Horn Saloon gagging for nothing else but a big dirty tip, she was all smiles and good at her job so fair play to that women.

9. What was your favourite song whilst out in Canada? That new tune by by Katy Perry is a catchy we number. Not usually my cup o tea.

10. What are your plans now before you head to Schladming in September?  Just been getting a few things dialed on the bike this week, going to watch the Irish MX GP this weekend and sometime next week we will be on the road again.

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