WC RD7 Bromont, Canada

Bromont is a small area about an hour outside Montreal, so it was a relatively short drive from MT ST Anne. We hit the road with fellow Gamut rider and Whistler local, Katie Holden (www.katieholden.com) and headed for Quebec city to grab a bite to eat. We ended up rolling into Bromont at around 6pm and started to get the bikes ready for the week ahead.

We did some riding on the water park side of Bromont on tuesday to get used to the dirt and then set up and walked the technical track on wednesday. The track was similar to last year with a few improvements in the slow sections by adding some hard pack to increase the rolling speed.

Practise started on thursday and the weather was a mixed bag throughout the week. Practise went well with Ben having a bit of a moment late on in the afternoon. He was testing out s new line in a steep rocky stairway section and slipped just before taking off on a rock. His front wheel jammed into a rock and he got ejected in spectacular fashion in to a front flip whilst the bike catapulted over his head and down the track. The front wheel was written off after that but luckily Ben got off pretty much scott free!

Qualifying came on friday and after the bike was repaired he set off and had a pretty poor run. He got pushed out wide on a tricky corner at the start and lost all of his speed just before an important section. He continued to the bottom and qualified in 57th spot, and miles away from where he knew he could have placed.

After walking the track one final time, it was time to race. The weather had been off and on all week but for saturdays race it look as though it was going to stay dry after all. Ben set off on his run and had a good top section. After being up at the first split, he struggled to keep speed in the lower flatter sections where the larger riders would do well, but he trucked on anyway and finished up 35th at the end of the day.

After the DH had all finished, most people headed back up the hill to watch some 4X action a few hours later. Baltic and myself stumbled across a couple of struggling photographers in hte form of Victor Lucas and Fraser Britton. Before we could say snap, we were both loaded up with their spare cameras and sub contracted into shooting some 4X for them from various spots. There was definately a bit of friendly rivalry between the big man and myself as Baltic thought he was some sort of photography wizard! perhaps we will see in next months dirt mag who took the better shots!

(Just Reid Photography services will be available at a race near you soon!)

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