Irish NPS RD7 – Rostrevor

A last minute decision was made over a cup of tea to make the journey home and race the final race of the year on home soil at the Irish national point series round near the hometown of Irishman Glyn O’Brien.

We caught an early boat on thursday morning back from england after riding some BMX and visiting family and friends, then emptied the van friday morning, only to repack everything on friday evening and hit the road down to Kilbroney forest in Rostrevor. This would be the first Irish national that the Just Reid team had made it to due to a busy World Cup schedule so we were excited to see everyone and soak up the relaxed irish vibe and craic that goes with these races.

We arrived late on friday night and hit the hay to try and salvage some sleep after a lot of trucking through europe and england had taken its toll on the two of us. Up early on saturday morning and set up the pits before heading up the track to do a rolling run and scope out some lines early on. Being back in Ireland and having learnt a lot by riding in europe, I (Ali) decided to give it a shot and entered the senior category while Baltic entered the elites. The track looked fun and had some high speed sections through the dry and dusty forest so it looked good for the weekend.

In between runs we tried to keep the crowds happy by selling some old bike parts that had been lying around the garage for a few years so this meant that the 2 of us got around 3 practice runs in by the end of the day and not nearly enough tea breaks to suffice! We had helped out a little guy by the name of Jake “Jako” Dickson by hooking him up with a little Ironhorse ‘6 point’ so he could try his hand at downhill racing. Jake is a ripper at our local skatepark and is only 10 years old (I think). After racing some motoX he decided it might be safer to follow in his fathers footsteps and take up DH, he looks like he could be the next big thing to come out of the Irish racing scene so keep an eye out in a few years time when he is old enough to start racing abroad.

Sunday was race day and with an early start, we managed another 2 practice runs before they closed the course. The 2 of us were still pretty tired and were walking round like a couple of zombies at times trying not to fall asleep and miss our runs. Baltic took the win over second place Ewan Doherty but wasnt happy with only winning by 2.5 seconds and wanted to get a bit ‘Sam Hill’ on it and put 10 seconds into the rest of the field but was hindered when he found his ‘start line huck’ was written off by the marshals taping the track too tight on race day.

I managed to put in a semi decent race run and took the senior win much to my surprise making sure the ‘Just Reid’ world domination dream was kept alive. We eventually got packed up and after escaping the torment of the local council estate gypsies who wanted to know exactly how much our bikes were worth and how much they could expect to get for them on Ebay, we headed home for some well earned rest and dirty ‘spice island’ kebab!

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  1. Viktoria Says:

    “Just Reid world domination” …:D

    Congratulations to both of you! I’m glad you (Ali) took the win too.
    Hard to believe, that this thing with the gypsies can happen in Ireland.

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