Ben Reid


Who is Ben Reid? Hes a 22 year old stallion from Newtownards Northern Ireland.

Who is your biggest influence/Who do you admire? Joel Smets and Angus Young

What makes you happy? Riding, Driving somewhere new, drinking tea in my Van with a few mates.

What makes you angry? Being at home not being able to ride enough because the forestry suck or because the weather sucks.

Riding or racing? Two wheels rollin its all good. (18 rollin is good too)

Favourite tracks/places to ride? Anything steep and loose, Right now im really liking the tracks in Pila, Italy

Luckiest escape? Rampage 04, thought it was good night Irene

What would you never throw away? keys of the Thunder Truck

Whats the secret to a good cup of tea?/Who makes the best

tea? Begin with a good Tetley and you cant go to far South, I like to think I make a good ol’ cup.

What do you always carry with you when travelling? Me ol’ beg

Favourite movie? I couldnt just pick one, The Convoy, Mad Max an shit

Favourite saying/motto? Shut Your Mouth

Favourite Band? Anything thats rock n roll, DC, Eagles…..

Favourite Dinner? If im hungry, id eat the balls of a low flyin bat

Chinese or Indian? Id go Indian if I didnt have a yellow felt tip

Have you any special talent? Can immitate the whistle of a kettle

What would your super hero name be? Tony Steel

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people

(dead/alive)who would they be? Angus young, Billy Connolly, Maverick or Goose