Alastair Beckett

1. Who is Alastair Beckett? – Team Mechanic and Tea boy!
2. Who is your biggest influence/Who do you admire? – Those who can act on impulse and just say yes to crazy suggestions! That seems to be the best way through life so far.
3. What makes you happy? Good company, a good song, and a good Guinness.
4. What makes you angry? When the plectrum falls into the inside of the Guitar, grr!
5. Riding or racing? Riding.
6. Favourite tracks/places to ride? Maribor, Slovenia…how awesome was it to wake up at the top of the hill and ride down a world cup track before breakfast!
7. Luckiest escape? This year in Whistler… I clipped a rock and sailed off the edge of a narrow trail towards a river. I landed in a tree and only missed the sharp branches either side by a few millimeters each!
8. What would you never throw away? Good memories
9. What do you always carry with you when travelling? Pocket hex keys and some old spice!
10. Favourite movie? – Top Gun
11. Favourite saying/motto? – Ssht!
12. Favourite Band? – Elastic?
13. Favourite Dinner? – Chicken Kiev, chips and a fried egg!
14. Have you any special talent? – Im pretty good at sleeping?
15. What would your super hero name be? – Frank Magnet.
16. If you could have dinner with 3 famous people (dead/alive)who would they be? – Arthur Guinness, Anthony Edwards & Van Morrison
17. Favourite memory of 2008? – The post race celebrations in Schladming with new friends and the journey that got me there.